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1. Is it easy to learn for kids who have never ridden a hoverboard?
Answer: No worry about it. Generally, it's much easier to learn how to ride hoverboards for kids, as they have better balance ability than adults.
2. Is this too big for an 8-year-old little boy?
Answer: Hi. The Q3 and K1 hoverboard can handle 44 to 265 lbs which makes it a perfect fit for kids and adults. It also is a great way to spend time with kids no matter indoor or outdoor. 
3. Can we ride a hoverboard to walking the dog? Is this ok?
Answer: I think it depends on what breed of your dog. The docile dog may be OK. But if the dog is my Orion (a husky boy), I will fall down and kiss the ground. Because it's too lively and naughty
4. What does it mean when it makes a consecutive beeping noise
Answer: You can check the following two situations: 1. Are you keeping your hoverboard in an unbalanced state when you turn it on?Standing up or facing up? 2. Does the power indicator turn yellow or red? When the battery is low, the power indicator turns yellow or red, and the consecutive beeping noise is a reminder that it needs to replenish electric energy. 
If the above two reasons are not in line with the actual situation, please contact us by email. Our professional customer service staff will help you solve any problems.
5. I am trying to locate the carrying bag for my device... It should have been in the box... Correct?
Answer: The Q3 & Q3-X1 hoverboard does come with a bag. You can contact us to purchase a suitable handbag if you purchase other models of the hoverboard.

Electric Scooter
1. Are the handles high enough for an adult to ride comfortably? What is the approximate height limit for this electric scooter?
Answer: The Tomoloo electric scooter size is 1200mm*550*1180mm and the height of the rider should be 120-200cm. A friend who is 5'8" and 200 lbs used mine with no ill effects. So no worry you’re fine.
2. How do you downshift or shift up?
Answer: After power on, the code table displays “1”, indicating that the speed is 1 file, press the button to display 2 files; the highest speed is 3 files.
3. Is this electric scooter waterproof?
Answer: I have been using this scooter in light rain condition with no issue. I think they mean that this scooter can stand a bit of water but not too much.
4. How does the brake work?
Answer: Grip the brake handle and the brake light is on during emergency braking
5. How long can it run on a single battery charge?
Answer: It depends on the weight and road condition. The max range is 18 miles and the scooter is equipped with a 36V rechargeable battery, which enables up to 18 miles of continuous use. This is based on an adult weighing approx. 220lbs and relatively smooth/level surface to travel on.
6. Does it come put together or do you have to? Is it easy of assembly?
Answer: All you have to do to this scooter is put the handle on the scooter and lock it into place. The very easy only adjustment is attaching the handlebar into the hold that supports it into place tighten the screw and a done deal and of course making sure that all of the screws On each of the tires are secured very simple five minutes tops.
7. Is this one of the ones that you have to scoot to start or do you just kickstart & go?
Answer: Yes. It is needed to get a kick start and then press the accelerator to get the scooter up and running.
8. How do you know if the scooter is charging or finish charging?
Answer: The indicator light turns red when it is charging and turns green once it’s fully charged.
9. How much is the weight of the scooter? Is it portable to use?
Answer: 1200*550*495mm folding size is space-saving and easy to carry on. The weight is 28lbs and light for me.
10. How does this work going down? Is the hand breaks safe?
Answer: Disc brakes are accurately controlled every stop. And the regenerative anti-lock braking system allows you to come to a stop confidently, even while turning or going down a hill.

Electric Skateboard
1. Is the remote adjustable with a knob or does it have 3 preset buttons for speed?
Answer: You can change the speed of the device by pressing the "Speed mode button". Choose the appropriate speed for you from "MAX 6miles","MAX 11miles","MAX 15.5miles" . The speed mode can be displayed on the skateboard's LCD screen as"1", "2", "3" and showed by the speed indicator lights of the remote control.
"2. What’s the weight limit for this to enjoy it?"
Answer: The tomoloo electronic skateboard advertised 220lbs max load.
3. If the battery runs out, can I still use this as a regular skateboard?
Answer: Yes, it can ride like regular skateboard when the battery died. You can feel free to roll like a regular longboard
4. What is the top speed?
Answer:17 MPH but depend on rider weight, road condition, etc.
5. Do airlines allow them on board?
Answer: Some people say yes and also some people say no. Recommend that you give the airline a call first. The airlines have the final call.
6. Is this a reliable way to get home from school (3 miles away) or as a means of transportation on the university campus?
Answer: I do think so. This three wheels electric skateboard has a range of up to 11 miles and it is a fashion way to ride in the campus.
7. How long does it take to charge?
Answer: About 3 hours. I love it takes so less time to be full charge.
8. How well do the brakes work?
Answer: Powerful regenerative braking system makes the brakes work very well, very user-friendly, smooth, even while going downhill.

1. Is this an original Tomoloo hoverboard?
Answer: Please be assured that we are 100% original TOMOLOO factory. There are many dealers in the market from us. And you will buy the latest and most affordable Tomoloo products here.
2. What is UL2272 certification?
Answer: This is a U.S. certification that is given to electrical mobility devices that have undergone thorough safety tests and have been found to meet all the safety standards. In simple terms, the UL2272 was formulated by the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission (CSPC) to curb the increasing cases of fire accidents caused by hoverboards.
3. What is the warranty?
Answer: We provide 12 months full protection against manufacturing defects for registered customers. Please check the warranty policy for details.
4. How can I return it if we don't like the color?
Answer: Within 30 days, new or lightly used products that do not affect the secondary sale can be returned or exchanged. Please check the Exchanges & Returns policy for details.
5.What if my board arrives damaged?
Answer: If the box containing your order was visibly damaged in transit, please refuse the package, take pictures and contact us immediately.
6. How can I download the APP for my product?
Answer: You can get the way to download the app from our homepage. You can also go to Google Play to search for Tomoloo to download the app. If you still can't download, please feel free to contact us.

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